Why Become a School Bus Driver?

"It's  job, not a gig, so there's great pay and a variety of employee benefits, too!"
"I'm doing a real service in my community. That makes me feel good every day!"
"The hours are flexible and I love having summer vacation time with my family."
"Paid training & ongoing support ...driving a school bus gives me real job security."
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Brightbill Transportation
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Brightbill Transportation

Brightbill Transportation is a full-service student transportation provider with over 3 decades of fleet operations experience. We provide students home-to-school, school-to-home, special needs, sports team and extracurricular activities transportation services in Pennsylvania (pre-k through grade 12), and we're committed to bringing your school children to their destinations safely and on time...day after day, year after year.

Given the bus ride to and from school is an integral part of the scholastic experience, and because 'preparedness' is our watchword, our days begin well before any students board the bus, and do not end until well after the students depart each day.

We know that safety and efficiency in operating a school bus requires a healthy path to finding and vetting suitable driver candidates while also retaining dedicated, focused personnel. In our client/partnerships with a variety of school systems, this is precisely what we do: we assume responsibility for driver hiring, managing and training as well as continued education and re-certification processes to satisfy our stringent quality control benchmarks.

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Local Communities

With headquarters in Lebanon, PA, we operate facilities across Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, and function in tandem with the communities we serve.

In fact, many of our school bus drivers work in the same communities where they live; proudly driving through their own neighborhoods and transporting local children.

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Special Needs

School bus drivers and aides working with special needs students receive additional training and education to address the safe transport of those who require extra time, patience and particular care.

Additionally, our fleet includes state-of-the-art vehicles and smaller sized buses, specifically equipped for transporting these students.

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Everything is About Safety

Safety is our mission, and we pride ourselves on having some of the most comprehensive, and ambitious, safety and communication programs in the industry.

Every school bus driver receives training that meets or exceeds state and federal requirements. We provide all employees with regular safety instruction on a variety of topics such as: railroad crossings, defensive driving techniques, student management, additional skills training, and more.

Additionally, on-site certified mechanics further support our strict safety priorities, too.

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